Shoulder Day: The Long Forgotten Workout for Women

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies,

I come to you to plea you do not forget about your shoulders during your workouts. I all too often see girls at the gym do the following three things: lift bitchbells at around 5lbs, do endless amounts of cardio, and a crumby ab workout. However, even women who workout with heavier weights tend to forget a very important body part – your shoulders. I never took them seriously due to the fact it isn’t the most aesthetically thought about feature on a woman. They are quite important for correct posture, less back pain, and overall better stability. Plus, a pair of nicely capped shoulders look great in sleeveless dresses during the summertime. Here is a quick and effective shoulder workout to help improve your strength and posture. I have noticed dramatic results when it comes to less pain in my rotater cuff and an ease on my overall upper back pain.

Warm Up:

Arnold Presses: 2×15 Lightweight

Start It Up!:

Arnold Presses 4×12 Moderate to Heavy

Lateral Raises (Machine or w/ Dumbbells) 4×12

Shrugs 3×15 (I’ve seen girls with 45s in each of their hands doing shrugs like nothing. Don’t be afraid to work those traps!)

Shoulder Press Machine 4×10-12

Alternating Dumbbell Front Raise (Seated or Standing) 4×10-12 


I also enjoy adding an ab workout or another body part on shoulder day because it is a quick workout (by enjoy I mean I make myself do an ab workout because it is my least favorite place to workout).


Feel free to comment if you have any questions, lovebugs! ๐Ÿ™‚


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