It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was Leg Day.

Hey all!


So, Tuesday is usually my leg day. I prefer doing it earlier in the week because I am a waitress on the weekends and frankly walking five miles per shift plus a leg day is just bad news. This leg workout kicked my booty-butt-cheeks today and I thought I would share it with all of you out of pride/for inspiration/ someone out there needs to be as insane as I am and will do this same workout. Warning: if this is your first Leg Day start off slow and do a weight that suits your strength. We are all not Hercules or Spartans. But here, enjoy.


Leg Extensions: 3×12 – 15 (Add weight every set)

Ham Curls: 3×12-15 (Add weight every set)

Leg Press: 2×20 (One set narrow stance and one set wide) Add weight, 2×20 again.

Squats: 4×12-15

Sumo Squat Leg Press: 3×15 (This one is the death squat. It works your inner thighs like no other)

Calf Raise: 6×25

Adductor and Abductor Machine:3×15 (Go up in weight every time)


Then, I decided it would be brilliant to finish my workout with a squat until failure exercise. I did five hundred body weight squats and after I got through the first three hundred it became much easier. I did 10×50 and it helped to make it go by faster. However, don’t do this if you have knee problems or are new to weight lifting. It was a bit much even for me.

But you know what? This ass is made of steel right now.




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