Healthy Fats: The King of Healthy Skin and Hormones

I’m fat. She’s fat. You’re fat. We’re all fat.

The mentality of fat being an accumulation of nastiness around our midsections is drilled into our psyche from an early age. The term “fat” often misleads us to believe foods with “fat” in them will also make us this obscenely gross “fat”-ridden monster. However, nothing could be less true. There are dozens of healthy fats out there that are completely necessary for your body to function, grow, recover, and to balance you. I believe numerous Americans and Western Civilization countries today are facing an obesity epidemic because hormones are in such disarray from an unbalanced diet, especially lacking in healthy fats. The benefits I have seen from introducing more healthy fats into my diet over processed carbs has been astounding, the number once change being in my skin. Now, I have always been that chick with acne covered from head to toe in it. I am talking about chin, cheeks, nose, shoulders, back, you name it. It was horrible! My mother always promised once my teen years subsided my acne would as well. Well, there I was at twenty-two years old and my skin still looked more like a portrait of a slice of Papa John’s Pizza than it did a face. But, this story has a happy ending. I began introducing more healthy fats into my diet to do a mild form of a keto diet to start leaning out for bikini shows and “TADA” – my skin looked FANTASTIC. I mean, me, a girl who has worn foundation since the age of thirteen could walk outside without any makeup on and still feel confident. I did some further research and found dozens of articles on how healthy fats regulate your hormones which tend to be the little buggers that make breakouts happen in the first place. So, convinced yet? If so, here is a list of healthy fats you can introduce into your diet for gloriously beautiful skin.

Band Geek to Bikini Model’s Fat Choices

Avocados: Yes, and more yes. These powerhouses are not only delicious but packed with a ton of healthy fats and protein.
Whole Eggs: It is one of the most bioavailable foods out there.
Nuts: Almonds, Macadamia, Walnuts, are all great sources of fats to keep you feel and energized.
Coconut Oil: It is a super oil that you can use for cleansing or for food. I personally love cooking it with my eggs!
Olive Oil: Awesome on salads with some basil and salt πŸ˜€
Almond Butter: It’s kind of a big deal. I really love Nuts n’ Mores added protein Almond Butter to hit my macros. You can find it on Amazon cheap!
Salmon: Omega-3’s and a ton of healthy fats and protein.


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