Transformation Time: Weights and Dieting for a Summer Body

So, as we all know, May is nationally known as the, “holy fuck, it’s summer and I look like an obese orangutan in my bathing suit,” month. It is when we all begin shedding out winter skin for our new, tanner (or redder) layers. For me, I always have the same initial reaction of, “Was I in a coma? How did I miss the formation of this new roll?” and immediately begin to hate my favorite foods and workout as aggressively as one would have breakup-makeup sex. However, I have learned from these bad initial habits and developed a plan that works for my body. It’s simple. I clean up my diet but don’t cry myself to sleep if I eat an M&M Cookie Sandwich. Then, I train 5-6 days a week for a solid 8 to 12 weeks. My workouts are simple. The first few weeks I focus just on weights and gaining strength in my form. They are basic movements like chest presses, squats, curls, etc. It’s the meat and potatoes of fitness. Then, as the weeks progress I will add in some moderately paced cardio. I will continue that for two to four weeks and finish up with four weeks of a combination of volume, circuits, and HIIT. The point is to build a frame underneath that “winter coat” and shed off the extra pounds with the intense volume exercises and cardio. I will give you a basic outline down here on the bottom and another good program I found online is Jamie Eason’s Live Fit trainers on I found the exercises to be a good variation to my own to add some variety to my workouts.My boyfriend also trained with me the past six weeks in order to see if we could reach our best selves because in May we both looked at one another and gave a, “what happened to us?” expression. So, he is now on pace to potentially compete in a body building show this August, and well me, maybe do a show later this fall if I can finally control myself and stay away from the sweets. Be sure to comment and let me know what recipes you’d like to see, exercises etc. Seriously, anything, ask away. 


Progress Photos: 6 Weeks




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