Whole 30 – Day Two

It’s been really fun going out of my way to cook delicious foods and make time for myself. I am one of those people who tends to put everyone and everything in front of myself and it sucks when you realize you’ve done it. So, I am doing me. *cues the hood music*

So, for today this is what I consumed and my workout πŸ™‚

30 minute walk with my pup! (She is the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world. I am obsessed with her. She is also quite pleased with all of the scraps of eggs and fish she’s been getting with this new diet :D) I usually walk her 20-30 minutes every morning to give her some exercise and to kick start my day!


My happy girl ❀

Breakfast: 3 Egg Omelet w/ onions and tomatoes, cooked in coconut oil 8 Strawberries. Tea.

Lunch: Tilapia & Squash Sautee

Snack: Orange

Dinner: (Same as lunch)

Pre-workout: Vega Shake (it's vegan and gluten free so it somewhat works with this plan) & Banana

Disclaimer: I am not a certified nutritionist or trainer. These are my workouts and I am only posting them for all of you to read and enjoy. I will write the weight I use next to it just to give you an idea of the effort I am putting in. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself but know your limits too!

Workout: Legs & Glutes

Warm Up:

Leg Curls: 3×15 (65 lbs)

Leg Extensions: 2×15 (60lbs)  (the squat rack finally opened up so I had to run and claim it)

5×12 or until failure – Barbell Squats (1st set bar, 2nd set 65lbs, 3rd set 75lbs, 4th set 95lbs, 5th set 105lbs)

3×12 Sumo Squats w/ dumbbell or kettlebell (52.5 lbs)

6x 20 Weighted Walking Lunges (17.5 lb dumbbells, I walked the first set with weight, two sets without, one set with them, two sets without.)

3×12 Adductor & Abductor Super Sets (145lb, 160lbs, 175lbs)

3×20 Seated Calves Machine (150lbs, 1st set regular stance, 2nd inverted, 3rd plie)

It was a workout that was relatively quick but super effective. I am still sore. (Part of this is because of my never-ending cold from Christmas in Boston).

πŸ™‚ Comment and let me know how you're doing/questions!


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