Whole 30 – Day Eight


Breakfast: Almond Butter and Fruit Salad (my favorite) & Raw Energy Green Crap Powder!

Lunch: Asian Shrimp and Cashew Stir-fry & Roasted Sweet Potato

Dinner: Salmon Burger, Snow Peas and Mushrooms, and Roasted Sweet Potato

Shoulder Day

5×10 Arnold Press (15lbs)
Rotator Cuff Exercises (my rotators suck)
3×12 Upright Row (40lbs d.s. 30lbs)
3×10 Lateral Raise Machine (30lbs)
3×10 Single Arm Row on Cables (10lbs)
3×10 Rear Deltoid Machine (70lbs)


25 Crunches
10 Ball Tucks
25 Indian Style Crunches
10 Ball Tucks
20 Oblique Crunches (both sides)
10 Ball Tucks
20 Straight Leg Crutches
5 Ball Tucks
30 Second Plank
10 Spider Planks

10 Min Uphill Walk



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