Whole 30 – Day Nine

Well, I was waiting for my challenge day on this Whole 30 gig and today was it. Today was the shittiest day ever. We had a mountain of snow drop down on Maryland and D.C. and of course, being the capital of America and whatnot, there wasn’t a single plow or grain of salt on the roads to help out the commute until 11 a.m. Then, all of the snow melted and turned to ice πŸ˜€ Fun. Fun. Fun



Well, here was my day today:

Breakfast: Not one, but TWO larabars. I bought a few to have on hand for “I don’t give a fuck” kind of days like today.

Lunch: Asian Shrimp Cashew Stir Fry (I had leftovers), a medium sweet potato with cinnamon, and a clementine.

Dinner: Salmon Burger, Snow Peas & Mushrooms. Green Powder Raw Life Stuff (picture above).

Snacks: Almond Butter & Fruit Salad, 1 Clementine. Green Tea.

Workout? Fuck it. Off day forever.


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