Whole 30 – Day Thirteen

Oi. I had to go back and forth to the mechanic, not once, not twice, but SIX times today. Apparently the repairs I need are going to cost $700+ 😭

But, my diet and workouts are going swell 👌💪


Breakfast: Salmon & Green Bean Fritatta (recipe below) Green Drink.

Lunch: Fritatta again and a glass of almond milk

Dinner: Shrimp, Zoodles, and a small sweet potato

Snacks : Almond Butter and Fruit Salad. Larabar.

Salmon and Green Bean Fritatta
Serves 6

9 eggs
2 salmon burgers
1 cup of chopped green beans
1 cup of sliced mushrooms
1 tsp garlic
1 tbsp coconut oil

Preheat oven 415
Saute your burgers, beans, mushrooms, garlic, and coconut oil. Beat the eggs and season them. Combine saute and eggs in a greased pan. Cook for 15 mins and check the fritatta, feel free to broil an extra minute or two to brown the top.

Enjoy 🙂

Back Day

4×10 Lat Pulldowns (55-85lbs)
3×10 Pull ups (assisted)
4×10 Smith Machine Deadlift (90lbs)
3×10 Cable Rows (90-120lbs)
3×10 Single Arm Row (30lbs)
3×10 Bicep Curls (20lbs)
3×15 Preacher Curls (30lbs)

30 min cardio (walking at 3.2 mph)


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