Whole 30 – Day Twenty – Eight

AM Cardio – 30 minutes, fasted.

Breakfast: Salmon Cakes, Broccoli Eggplant Stirfry, and Fruit Salad with Almond Butter

Lunch 1: Stuffed Pepper with extra Salmon Stirfry

Lunch 2: Salmon Cakes and Broccoli

Dinner: 2 Salmon, Sweet Potato Omelets (recipe below and it’s amazing)

Snacks: Apple Pie Larabar with 1/2 TBSP of Almond Butter, 2 Dates


Salmon and Sweet Potato Omelet
1 Serving

1 Whole Egg
3 TBSP of Egg Whites
1/2 a grilled salmon burger
1/4 of a sweet potato
Flavor God Everything

Grease your pan with coconut oil or get an awesome non-stick one like moi! Mix everything together (the potato and salmon should be pre cooked obv, I just always have extra leftovers in my fridge) including the seasoning. Dump it into your pan and use a spatula to keep the egg whites from spreading out too much. Let it simmer. Flip. Cook. Gorge yourself.

I could eat a million salmon and sweet potato omelets. Seriously.

Well, as you all know, I do a Glute and Ham focus day every week as my second leg day. I have a massive set of hips and if I don’t have a little rump following me around I just look downright weird. So, to solve my pancake ass problem, I have my booty day every Sunday.

Barbell Glute Bridges
5 x 5-15 reps. I increase the weight as much as I can.
50-60 lbs

Kneeling Squat
5 x 10-15 reps.
65 lbs – 95 lbs

Barbell Squat
I vary my stances with my squats:
6 x 5 – 12 reps
65 – 115 lbs

Abductor Machine
4 x 15
160 – 190 lbs

Glute Pushdowns on Assisted Dip Machine
(This is just for one final burn out)
85 lbs x 10 reps
100 x 8 reps

2 sets and I am done, eff it.

Cardio for twenty minutes on the treadmill.


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