Carb-Cycling Day One – High Carb Day

Well, since today is officially my first day off from the Whole 30 and my leg day, it only makes sense to make today my high carb day 🙂


My plan for the next 8-12 weeks is to cycle my carbs as follows:

Monday, Tuesday – Low Carb Day (50g)

Weds – Medium Carb Day (100g)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – Low to Medium Carb Day (50-100g)

Sunday – High Carb Day (150g+)

I am trying to keep my calories around 1300-1500 for weight loss purposes but will probably spike my calories up on Sunday too. My leg days are Weds and Sunday so it makes sense to me to do more carbs on those major-carb-burning day.

Today’s food looked like this:

Breakfast: PROTEIN SHAKE! YASSSS. (I have missed them so much.) Dymatize Whey Vanilla, 1 Banana, 1.5 TBSP of Crunchy PB

Lunch 1: Tilapia, 2 Hardboiled Avocado Deviled Eggs with 1.5 yolks (I gave the other half to my dog), a small sweet potato.

Lunch 2: Salmon Cake, Tuna Cake, and Eggplant.

Dinner: Sweet Potato & Salmon Omelet

Cheat Snack: Snickerdoodle Cookie

Post Workout/Snacks: Smores Quest Bar (wasn’t impressed) and a protein shake.

Calories: 1809
Total Fat: 73g
Carbs: 155g
Fiber: 32g
Sugars: 68g (Yikes!)
Protein: 151g

I weigh around 150lbs so I am aiming for a 1g to 1lb ratio of protein. This is my first time really sticking to a carb cycling diet so hopefully it will work well for me and my body 🙂

Workout – Legs

Barbell Squats
7 x 4-20 reps depending on weight
Weight: 45lbs-135lbs

Leg Extension Machine
4 x 6-12 reps

Lying Leg Curls
4 x 8 – 12 reps
60-90 lbs

Calf Press
6 x 20-25 reps

Sumo Squats with ketllebell or dumbbell
4 x 10-12 reps

Bodyweight Walking Lunges
4 x 22

Ab Routine 2x

Russian Twist – 50
Crunches – 30
Cross-Body Crunch – 40
Scissor Kicks – 30
Straight, Wide Leg Situps – 15
Toe Touches – 15
Plank – 30 seconds (I suck at planks)

Then, I walked on the treadmill at home for fifteen minutes and then my dog decided to puke on it WHILE I AM WALKING. Can you say disgusting in fifty languages? Yeezus. So, needless to say, that was that for cardio. Silly pup.


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