Carb-Cycling Day Two – Low Carb Day

My cold is finally going away! YES. So, here is how Low Carb day is looking:

AM Cardio – 20 minutes, fasted.

Breakfast: Dymatize Whey Vanilla, 2 TBSP Almond Butter, a small handful of blueberries

Lunch: Salmon Cake, Tuna Cake, 130g of Zucchini Squash

Lunch 2: Same as above because I am not that creative with low-carb meals.

Dinner: Salmon Cake and 2 Tuna Cakes (I made a big batch to last me the weekend).

Post Workout: Protein Shake, 3 Almond Cookies because I am a very bad kitty.

Workout: Back and Chest Day

Incline Hammer Press
3 x 12 20lbs, 25lbs

Flat Dumbbell Press
4 x 10-12
30lb dumbbells

Butterfly Machine
3 x 12
55, 70 lbs

Chin Ups
4 x 10

Single Arm Rows s.s. Barbell Rows
4 x 8
32.5 lbs & 50 lbs

Lat Pull Down
2 x 20

3 x 15
25 lb plate


I salute you, fellow fat to fit heads. 😚 You woke up and went to the gym today. You officially lapped everyone sitting at home watching Futurama on Netflix (totally not what I’m doing while walking on the treadmill haha)

I didn’t really care for my workout today because the dog kept me up all effing night and I have to wake up at 6am for work tomorrow. Sigh.


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