Carb Cycling Day Twelve – Cheat Day

Today is the day before my boyfriend’s birthday! And it is my cheat day! (We planned accordingly :D)


Breakfast: 2 Protein Muffins, Peanut Butter, 1/4 cup of Steel Cut Oats, 2 Dates, Almonds, and a little squirt of honey.

Lunch: Salmon Burger, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Brown Rice

Post-Workout: Peanut Butter Quest Bar

Dinner: G&M Crab Cakes (the best), Calamari, Potato Salad, a Dinner Roll

Super Cheat: Ice Cream Cake from Coldstone for my babe<3

Macros: You don't even want to know.

Glute Day

Pull Through
4 x 15

Incline Barbell Bridge w/ Elevated Plie Dumbbel Squats
4 x 12-15

Kneeling Squat
4 x 12

Barbell Squats
(Dave had me use only the bar and squat down until I could sit on a 30lb dumbbell. This was miserable. You set your position in a wide stance, squat down to the dumbbell, sit for a second, then explode up from the squat. It really, really, hurts and works your ass.)
4 x 8-12 (or whenever I die)

Thigh Adductor w/ Assisted Dip Machine Pushdowns
4 x 15

Barbell Walking Lunge w/ Curtsys
3 x 20



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