Carb Cycling Day Eighteen – Carb Day

Today is a pretty interesting day for me because I am going to an NPC judging event where NPC judges will be discussing what the look for on stage to decide the “clear-cut-winner.” It was a very informative event mainly from my fellow competitors and learning of their techniques, etc. (I had no idea bikini-bra stuffing was allowed. Mind. Blown.)

If I had a child it would be the one bottom-right, whom wants to be a sprinkled red-frosted donut when he grows up. 😂😂

1 hour of fasted cardio, hill intervals, 3.2 mph

Breakfast/Post Cardio: Leftover Quinoa Oats, Honey, Almonds, Raspberries. Protein shake with almond milk.

Lunch: Quest Protein Bar (I went straight from the gym to the event). Peppermint Tea.

Dinner: Panera: 1/2 Tomato Mozzarella Panini, cup of Black Bean soup, baguette. Coldstone Ice Cream for dessert.

Dinner 2: Musclepharm Cookies n Cream, Greek Yogurt, Banana, Almond Milk

Macros: I never even go there on Sundays.

Glute Day Workout

Pull Throughs
4 x 15

Kneeling Squats
4 x 12

Barbell Squats
4 x 12

Barbell Glute Bridges with Plie Dumbbell Squats
3 x 12-15

Cursty Lunges with Assisted Dip Machines Glute Pressdown
3 x 15

Stepmill: 5 minute burn out


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