Carb Cycling Day Twenty Three – Low Carb

Well, I am taking today off again for three reasons:

1. I feel like shit and need recovery.
2. I am going to my chiropractor on my lunch break.
3. I am working for twelve hours and want to go home and sleep.

So, now that this has been cleared up, let’s chat over what I ate today. 🙂

Breakfast: Green Drank, Seafood Fritatta Peppers

Breakfast/Mid-morning snack stuff: Protein Shake, Rice Cake with PB

Lunch: Shrimp, Raspberries, Spinach, Almonds, Red Bell Peppers Salad thing.

Dinner: Alaskan Salmon Burger Omelette

Snack: Quest Bar, Rice Cake with Almond Butter

Calories: 1569
Fats: 59g
Carbs: 90g
Fiber: 31g
Protein: 177g

My feelings toward today:


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