Carb Cycling Day Twenty Four – Low Carb

I have been really into rice cakes lately mainly because I have been lazy about cooking and I have to get myself out of that bullshit mentality. I am pretty stoked though. I have been looking into some form of MMA to vary my workouts and get more explosive and dynamic movements in my muscles.


Fasted Cardio – 1 hour, hill variations. 3.2. mph.

Breakfast: Rice Cake, 2 TBSP PB, Whey Isolate Shake

Lunch: Seafood Fritatta Peppers, Rice Cake with Sugar Free Jelly

Post-workout: Whey Shake

This is when I get stuck in the car for three hours due to a freak snow storm.

Dinner: Pumpkin Protein Pancakes (I posted the recipe on my IG the other day), Seafood Fritatta Pepper

Snack: Quest Bar

Calories: 1806
Fats: 83 g
Carbs: 104g
Fiber: 32g
Protein: 177g

Workout: Back, Chest, Abs

4 x 10-15

Wide Lat Pulldown & Close Grip Pulldown
4 x 10

Cable Rows with Cable Rope Rear Delt Rows
3 x 10

Lying T Bar Row
3 x 10-12

3 x 15-20

Chest Circuit on Cable Machine
Chest Press, Incline Chest Press, Cable Flyes
3 x 10-15 until failure

Bosu Ball Cable Crunches
5 x 20


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