Booty Workout #1

There’s some sort of booty renaissance going on lately but one thing I have learned is if you don’t have a butt, you want to get a butt, and if you do have a butt you want it bigger. I have always had a big booty for as long as I can remember but a lot of that has to do with my large hips. My butt has always been big but that doesn’t mean it was always “shapely” ie – it was like a bad dream when I unsquished it out of my jeans. I have one day a week where I dedicate a workout solely to my glutes and hamstrings to help lift and form my glutes and it has helped tremendously! I include the weight I normally use to inspire you to go heavy if you can but technique is much more important for results. Do a weight you feel comfortable with and be prepared to sweat!

Barebell Squats 8 x 10-12 reps
I usually vary my stances for every weight. The first two sets I will warm up with some lighter weight, sometimes with sumo squats with only the bar, or really deep squats where I will sit down on a dumbbell and explode back up.
A normal squat workout for me is:
Warm Up: 65lbs 15 reps
Wide Leg Squats: 75lbs 10-12 reps
Normal Stance: 95 lbs 10 reps
Normal Stance: 115 lbs 8 reps
Normal Stance: 135 lbs 6 reps
Normal Stance: 145 lbs 4 reps
Narrow Stance: 75lbs 10-15 reps
Full Range Sit Down Squats with Bar – Burn Out

Glute Pull Throughs & Barbell Glute Bridges
Supersets – usually 50lbs each
5 x 15

Plie Dumbbell Squats
4 x 15 – 65lbs

Kneeling Squats – 95-115lbs
4-6 sets x 12 reps

Finish off with the step mill for twenty minutes.


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