Tabata Ab Routine

Hey Guys!

So, I know abs are a big favorite for workouts and there are lots of ways to do them! This is a variation on regular, old crunches to get your lower abdominals working and your heart racing (trust me, it’s a killer). I prefer to do this one after a hard strength work out to get my heart rate up and to finish up at the gym quicker than a normal ab routine.


1 Round of Tabata Exercise Ball Pull Ins

An exercise ball pull in is simple – find a medium sized exercise ball and put the tops of your feet on them and extend your body into a plank position. Pull the tops of your feet into your chest and back outward for a full rep. These will burn if you do them correctly, friends.

Tabata Timer: 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, 8x.

1 Round of Tabata Russian Twists with Medicine Ball

I could barely get through this after the pull ins so if you can’t do anymore don’t feel bad! Repeat the same 8x sets for the twists as you did the pull ins. Stretch out your abs after and be sure to hydrate.
Let me know how this goes for you!


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