Intermittent Fasting Day 6

Breakfast: Whey, Quinoa Oats, P28 White Chocolate PB, Strawberries.

Lunch: Flapjacked Banana Hazelnut Pancakes & Green Energizer Drink with Chia Seeds and Psyllium Husks

Dinner: Salmon Omelette, Turkey Bacon, Toast. Flapjacked Cinnamon Apple Pancakes.

Last Meal: Salmon Burger, White Rice, Rice Cake with PB for dessert.

Brownie Brittle happened a little too much, too often today. I had to cut myself off before I ate the whole bag ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

So, I went a little buck wild today for a number of reasons: I am snowed in. I am pmsing. I want to punch a kitten if I don’t get some chocolate soon. I didn’t have a chance to go to the gym because of the roads (sigh) so I did some cardio and abs in the morning during my fast.

I also cleaned the f*ck out of my apartment. You know how there is the deep web where 96% of the internet is hidden? I went to that place in my apartment: the deep, dark place where all of the nasty things hide.




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