Intermittent Fasting Day 20

Breakfast: Salmon & Turkey Bacon Fritatta (really basic fritatta recipe that uses salmon burger, peppers, and turkey bacon) with Roasted Garlic Cauliflower

Lunch: 2 Spicy Salmon Cakes, Cauliflower (again), Smoked Salmon Salad with papaya, spinach, and strawberries on the side

Dinner: Egg White Omelet, Turkey Bacon, a slice of sprouted toast

Snacks: Rice Cake with P28 PB

… I also caved big time at work today and had a donut. IT WAS AMAZING.

Calories: 2008
Fats: 103g (judge me)
Carbs: 134g
Fiber: 18g
Protein: 144g

Shoulder & Ab Day!

Shoulder Circuit:
Arnold Dumbbell Press & Standing Dumbbell Upright Row & Side Lateral Raises
5 x 12

Reverse Machine Flyes
3 x 12

Ab Circuit
Russian Twist – 25
Exercise Ball Crunch – 50
Cross Body Crunch – 50
Leg Raises – 25

Repeat 2 – 3 x

Cardio – Stepmill Intervals *(HOLY GOD)* 30 minutes

I had to burn off that damn donut.


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