Intermittent Fasting Day 24/ Self-Condemning and Guilt

So, I am thinking I am starting to shut down mentally from the amount of self condemning I have done the past week. This is the issue with dieting: the second you fall off of it you hate yourself. After discussing it with my boyfriend (he is a bodybuilder and knows this struggle all too well), I decided I am taking the next few days off to calibrate myself. I am going to stop counting calories, carbs, everything and just let myself be and normally what happens is I go back to healthy eating anyway. It’s just the restriction of not being able to have it that makes you want it. I stopped fasting today and decided to just let my body eat when it wants to eat. If I want a pizza, I will order a pizza. If I want sushi, I will go get sushi. I will do whatever my little heart desires and not condemn myself for it. I will love and honor my body and remember that it has come so very far to even arrive at this point. In summary, I think my overall views on fasting are is it’s not for me but may work for some people. I will probably continue doing fasted cardio in the morning but for the most part I will just keep my body fed well and when it needs it. I found fasting was fine the first few days but overtime I found it made me crave chocolate and sweets, lots of carbs, and left me feeling unsatisfied. So, voila, that is my own personal verdict. I know not everything is going to work for me which is why I try out different diets and theories to see what does and doesn’t. This is all about knowing my body and helping all of you discover what may work for yours too 🙂

I may try fasting again some other time but for now I will go back to 5-6 meals a day meal plan with carb cycling next week. (After my bad girl weekend, of course)

I also have included my YouTube video this week on how to get back on track with your diet and fitness regimen. Enjoy! Be sure to like the video and subscribe to my channel 👍👍🙌

5 Ways to Get Your Health and Fitness Back on Track!:

All my love,
Sam ❤


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