A Fresh Start – Day 1 of 30

Hey guys!

So, I took some time off from dieting and I am so glad I did because it brought me back to equilibrium. I decided rather than going crazy with researching carb cycling again I was going to follow a bodybuilding.com plan. It is a 30 Day Challenge that incorporate carb cycling, tabata, strength training and LISS. I think it will be a fun way to challenge myself to stick to my guns and see it through to the finish line! (I am very competitive. If I have a plan I make it like a contest with myself to see how perfectly I can follow it. I am insane, I know.) Here is what Day 1 looked like for me –

Breakfast: 1 Egg, 10 TBSP Egg Whites, Kale Omelet w/ Hummus. 1 Slice of Turkey Bacon. 1/4 cup of oats with blueberries and Walden Farms syrup.

Lunch: Salmon Burger Sliders (Sprouted Grain Roll, Hummus), Protein Shake with Almond Milk

Dinner: Salmon Burger, Shrimp Stiryfriy, Quinoa & Brown Rice

Snack: Protein Shake & Apple Protein Muffins
Calories: 1666
Fats: 46g
Carbs: 131g
Fiber: 22g
Protein: 175g

Workout – Chest Day

Decline Bench Press
6 x 3 reps – go heavy, I did 75lbs

Alternating Dumbbell Press
6 x 5 reps – I used 30lbs dumbbells

Leverage Chest Press
5 x 6 reps, my weight varied between 50-75lbs

Machine Fly
3 x 10 reps, 55lbs

Svend Press (Surprisingly hard)
2 x 15 reps, 10lbs

Single Arm Top Cable Fly
1 x 30 reps, 10lbs

Tabata – Kettle bell Swings

LISS – Elliptical 25 minutes


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