Walden Farm’s Blueberry Syrup Review

Walden Farm’s Blueberry Syrup Review



I am really in love with this syrup for it’s taste and texture. I think the blueberry flavor is especially versatile because it goes well with typical things like pancakes, waffles, etc., but found it also mixes in really well with plain greek yogurt. The regular greek yogurts with blueberry flavoring are packed with carbs and sugar so it was a nice alternative while trying to keep my blood sugar down. My only issue with this product is it’s use of Splenda in the product because it is a neurotoxin in large doses. However, once in a blue moon it is a nice treat to have around the kitchen if you’re looking to cheat a little but don’t want to be too bad. 🙂

Pros: Great taste, texture, and pairs well with pretty much everything I have eaten with it. Then again, I love blueberry flavored anything and everything.

Cons: The use of sucralose as the sweetener.

Overall: I’d buy it again. 🙂 😛


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