Warm Ups: How to Prevent Injury

Hey babes,

This week I wanted to write a quick blurb about warming up and why they are so important. For me, I hate warming up. I am the type who has to fight myself tooth and nail to get to the gym which means I don’t want to spend extra time lollygagging around with a warm up. There have been years I didn’t warm up and I never understood why I would have so many injuries and stiff muscles. (Has anyone ever woken up with a back that feels broken?) Well, a quick and simple solution for that is warming up properly! Here are some great options for warm up to get your blood pumping and muscles loose!

1. Cardio Machine – 5-10 minutes
2. Jump Rope – 5 minutes
3. Jumping Jacks – 100-150
4. Push Ups – 100
5. Sun Salutations

After you warm up, stretch! Forward folds, back bends, do whatever stretches your body needs. If it is post leg day, focus on your legs. If it is the day after back day and your lats are dead, stretch them.

Your muscles will thank you.



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