“The Diet Collector” – Why I Created Band Geek to Bikini Model.

crackI have been at the fitness game for close to ten years now. Around the age of sixteen, I started to have really low self-esteem because of my weight. I couldn’t run for more than a quarter of a mile, do a single push up, or even think about doing an ab workout. Frankly, I just felt unhealthy and it grew worse over time. It began affecting my social life – sometimes I wouldn’t show up to pool parties just because I hated my body. I didn’t want to admit it embarrassed me, but it did. Thankfully, there was a silver-lining to my heavy weight. This crucial time in my life helped me to develop some of my best personality attributes – my creativity, determination, and sense of humor. Being overweight taught me a lot about how people will treat you depending upon your soul’s cover. The same people who made fun of me all through middle school and high school will hit me up on Facebook saying, “So – you look, like, really good. Didn’t even recognize you! Wanna hang out sometime?” (No, bitch. We are not Netflix and Chill material).Standing

Looking back, I wouldn’t trade my weight loss journey for anything. It helped me lose society’s goggles and see people for who they truly are not who I think they might be based off a genetic lottery. To be honest, I couldn’t give less of a fuck if you have a six-pack, a man bun, or an ass so flat you could use it as an ironing board. I have lived inside skin that didn’t mirror my personality and I am sure I am not the only one suffering from that syndrome. At the start of my journey, I vowed to myself  I’d never turn into the people who tormented me once I achieved my goals and I’d pay it forward. I would be there to defend those who cannot defend themselves and only be an asshole to other deserving assholes. In summary, I am now trying to become the person I wish I had in my life back then.  This blog is my attempt to pay my good luck and hard work forward and I’m  hoping to inspire a few people along the way. If you are starting your health journey today, congratulations! I hope you find my blog helpful and if you ever have a question, feel free to comment here. I’ll be cheering you on the entire way. ❤


3 thoughts on ““The Diet Collector” – Why I Created Band Geek to Bikini Model.

  1. Liz says:

    I love this, and you. Those of us who have made a life change and have lived a life much different than our current one have a different perspective. It makes us strong and gives us the power to inspire other young men and women. Such a great role model 🙂 –I feel like that was corny, but heartfelt. ❤

      • Liz says:

        Well, I figured out what my food issues (and allergies) were, surrounded myself with good people, and decided to focus on health. It was a LONG road and I appreciate the journey but I will not being going back!

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