Vegan Challenge Day #9

wpid-img_20150219_153748.jpgSorry for the late post. As of late, I have been renovating my house like crazy because Dave and I decided we are going to rent our guest room on AirBnB for extra income. I ended up not heading into the office and my entire blogging routine went askew. Sigh. But, never fear, I am here with day nine now. Today, I didn’t eat nearly enough because I was so scattered and didn’t prep the night before (bad Sam) but days like this happen. I am always 100% honest with you guys because I want you to see the full experience of what it’s like to live a lifestyle based around nutrition and fitness – it’s not always picturesque. I don’t wake up with my filters on and most of the time my abs are invisible behind a blob of bloat. Shit happens, but it doesn’t mean you are allowed to give up. Keep at it, start fresh in the morning, and go!

*I’ve included a cute girl and penguin to make you smile. Smiling makes everything better. Smile during your workout. It confuses you into thinking you love pain and everyone will also leave you alone because they think you’re a psychopath.


Protein: 108g

Carbs: 81g

Fat: 46g

Calories: 1138 – Yikes, that’s low.

Breakfast: Vegan Coffee Shake

Lunch: Chick’n Apple “Sausage” 1/2 Cup of Brown Rice & Spinach

Dinner: Low Carb Zoodle Pasta & “Chicken” in Homemade Tomato Basil Sauce

Snack: Vegan Protein Cookie Dough Bites (recipe will be up soon, promise)

WORKOUT: Fuck it.running

It was an off day.


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