Vegan Challenge Day #14

poseSo, I debated about whether or not I was going to lie to you guys about this, but sigh, I won’t. I caved today and had a f*cking donut but these aren’t any ole donuts, they are Berger’s donuts, which are basically kryptonite. In Baltimore, there is a super famous bakery called Berger’s and their baked goods put any other place to complete and utter shame. So, yes, I had a donut and I am 99.9% sure it was not vegan. However, when fallbacks happen, you pick yourself up, stop beating yourself up over it, and move on to your workout for the day. I have eaten super clean ever since the incident in question, and sometimes you need that little cave in to keep your sanity. Once again, you all can see I am a mere mortal and can’t say no all the time. I didn’t lose over 40lbs by limiting myself. It is a lifestyle and you ought to enjoy your life once and a while, right folks?

Breakfast: Vegan Coffee Protein ShakeBergers

Lunch: Tofurky Spinach and Pesto Sausage, 1/2 cup of White Rice, Spinach.

Dinner: Same as above

Snack: Berger’s Blueberry Donut

Workout: Chesticles & Abs

Bench Press – 5 x 5-15 (heavier weight each set)

Superset – Incline Dumbbell Press & Incline Flies 4 x 10

Pec Fly Machine – 3 x 10

Cable Crossovers – 3 x 10

Pushups – Until Failure 3x (UGH)

Ab Circuit 3x

Bosu Ball Leg Raise (the upright one) – 15 (5 on each oblique and 5 regular)

Yoga Ball Pull Ins – 15-20

Leg Lifts – 15 – 20

Crunches on Bosu Ball – 15 -20

Oblique Plank Dips – 15 – 20 each side


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