Vegan Challenge Day #18

gangstaIt’s Friday, but I called out for various reason ranging from being drunk at 1 a.m. to a stomach virus to my anniversary is tomorrow and I want a three day weekend with my guy. ❤ Today was a really great day. I caught up on some sleep, went hard at the gym for back day, walked the pups, and ate clean all day. I am considering my options once this challenge is over, and I think I will be a vegetarian who eats mainly vegan every day but occasionally has a cookie or a brownie with some dairy in it. (Can I say how much I miss Quest Bars right now? Holy crap.) This picture always kills me whenever I see it, :D. If anyone knows who this belongs to, please, tell me!


Protein: 138 g

Carbs: 238 g

Fats: 42 g

Calories: 1844

Breakfast: Vegan Coffee Shake, 1/2 Cup of Plain Oatmeal

Lunch: Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken Strips, 1 Cup of French Green Beans, 3/4 Cup of Jasmine Rice

Post- Workout: Same as Above

Dinner: Beyond Meat Beef Crumble Taco Stir-Fry & 1/2 Cup of Jasmine Rice

Dinner 2: Same as Above.

Workout: BACK DAY

Wide Lat Pulldowns – 4 x 10-15

Deadlifts – 6 x 10-15

Superset – Shrugs & Single Arm Dumbbell Rows

Wide Cable Rows – 3 x10

Superset – Close Grip Cable Rows & Straight-Arm Pulldowns – 3 x10

Hyperextensions – 3 x 20 – 15 – 10 reps


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