The Slaughterhouse Leg Workout

BootyIn case you missed every single post I have ever written or are new here, let me say this: leg day is my favorite. Seriously, there is nothing more accomplishing than lifting some heavy ass weight and being strong af in the gym. I constantly try to challenge myself and create more effective workouts. Last night, I did this leg/glute workout and holy hell, it was intense – hence it’s name, “The Slaughterhouse.” If you are really looking to up your leg & glute day give this workout a shot. You’ll be all types of Jell-O by the end of it. (I am also listing the weight I used here so you can have an idea on how much of a challenge it should be for you). As I have said before, I am not a personal trainer or certified nutritionist. I am just a girl sharing my journey in the hope of inspiring others!

The Slaughterhouse Leg Day

Barbell Squats – 7x 10-15 (Warm Up – Bar, increasing weight each set until 135lbs is reached).
Superset – Weighted Step Ups (20lbs) & Heavy Kettle bell Sumo Squats (100lbs) – 3 x 15 and 3 x Failure
Superset – Cable Kickbacks (12.5lbs) & Cable Lateral Kicks (7.5lbs) – 3 x 12
Superset – Kettlbell Sumo Squats (70lbs) & Glute Rope Pull throughs (50lbs) (3 x 12) & Calf Raises (50lbs) (3 x 25 different positions)
Superset – Weighted Smith Machine Glute Bridges (135lbs) & Jump Squats (bodyweight) 3 x 12
Superset – Adductor Machine (190lbs)  & Curtsy Lunges (bodyweight) 3 x 20
Hyperextensions (25lbs) – 2 x 20
Step Mill Intervals – 10 min

This workout took me about 90-120 minutes to complete and let me tell you, I was covered in sweat the entire time. Enjoy!


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