Vegan Challenge Day #26

My favorite day of the week is either back day or leg day. I love having a strong back! posePersonally, I have never had good posture and I have always had terrible back pain. Back day has helped me build muscle and improve my overall posture to the point my back doesn’t hurt me nearly as much anymore. To be honest, I had to wear back braces for a long time (I still do occasionally) and it was always embarrassing when people would see me with it on. I am glad I am taking steps to improve my posture for the long term by getting strong and taking care of myself – that way I won’t have to wear a brace when I am in my 70’s, too.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of Oats, 1 tbsp Dairy Free Chocolate Chips, 1/2 tbsp Almond Butter

Lunch: Ezekial Avocado Toast, Tomatos, Beyond Meat Sliders, & Protein Bar

Dinner: Gardein Ultimate Beefless Ground, Zucchini, Green Beans, 1/2 cup of Brown Rice

Snacks: Whole Food Sriracha Tortilla Chips & Guac

Workout: BACK DAY

Superset- Wide Lat Pulldowns & Straight Arm Pulldowns – 4 x 12

Superset – Deadlifts & Barbell Rows – 5 x 10

Superset – Shrugs & Single Arm Rows 3 x 10

Superset – Cable Rows & Hyperextensions – 3 x 10


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