Vegan Challenge Day #29

PupsSo, lately I have been walking my dogs a lot more and can I say how much more fun it is to walk dogs versus regular cardio? It is really cathartic having them bounce alongside me while I admire the leaves and deer prancing through the forests. (Yes, we have that many deer around here. I see at least ten a week). It is also the day after Halloween (does a party dance) which means it is time for Sky to wear here most festive of sweaters ❤ Yes, those are reindeer antlers on her sweater and no, I am not sorry. Elon will have his own sweater soon and I am 98% sure they will be my Christmas card this year. 🙂


Protein: 140 g

Carbs: 175g

Fats: 43g

Calories: 1500

Breakfast: Homemade Chipotle Bowl & Guacamole (Sometimes, I just feel like a hearty meal first thing in the morning/post-workout)

Lunch: Beyond Meat Chicken 1/2 Sweet Potato, 1 Cup of Green Beans

Dinner: Same as above + Avocado Toast & Beyond Meat Chicken

Snacks: Protein Bar & Baked Apples

Workout: Arms & Cardio

Arm Day Superset Workout

+ Stepmill for 20 minutes


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