Vegan Challenge Day #30 – Results & Why I am Staying Vegan

LongAlright, Day #30!

I will admit, I did have one or two accidental slip ups where an ingredient wasn’t 100% vegan and I didn’t realize until after it was consumed, but overall, I stuck through it. To be honest, I don’t miss seafood or dairy at all and I will continue on with my vegan lifestyle for the following reasons. (I may make an exception here or there for special occasions, but I think the main point of being a vegan is to lessen your daily impact on the Earth. Sure, my blog is about health and fitness, but it doesn’t mean I am solely interested in being fit and nothing else).

For those who don’t know, I am very much an environmentalist and care about what is happening around me. In my mind, it would be pointless as hell for all of us to be shredded as fuck and not have a planet worth living on. What is the point of perfecting a body that will one day decay if we are wrecking our home in the process? It doesn’t make sense. Over the last year, the documentaries I have seen and articles I have read have made me realize I can’t go continue to consume animal protein for moral reasons. (Now, before you send me to the gallows, here me out. I promise I won’t be preachy). From what I have read, the meat industry promotes not only pollution and oceanic destruction, but also hazardous work environments, human starvation, and of course, the murder of millions of animals. Call it too much empathy, but I can’t turn a blind eye to someone else’s pain. If you are in trouble or need help, I will always be there for youvegan fac and do my best to help. The same is true for animals. As of now, I am a tiny fish in a large pond and all I can do to help is to not financially support the meat industry. To be honest, there is nothing that can rile me up faster than a scene in a movie where a dog dies. This emotional anger and pain I feel for a dog in pain also transfers to the steak on my plate. When I look at it, I can only imagine what the being was like before it was slaughtered for my pleasure. What pain did it feel? Because of my heightened sense of empathy and sympathy, I can’t even consume fish, because I have grown to the point where I personally don’t believe I deserve to live more than them.

Now, this is where the argument of humans being the top of the food chains comes in. I agree, we are the top of our food chain; our population of seven billion can prove it. However, the same people who will argue we deserve to eat other animals because we are the top predator will also argue we are better, more “enlightened,” than our fellow earthlings, therefore we are not animals. We are human, something completely different, but if we are more than animals, why do we act like them? If it is possible for us to thrive and exist without killing other animals, why not be the most enlightened species and abstain from it?

I do believe humans are meant to be omnivorous animals. We have conquered incredible environmental feats and thrived where there was no vegetation to be found. Men and women have lived off of solely animal protein, whale blubber, and bone barrow. How incredible is the human digestive system to be able to handle that? We are built to survive whatever element we are put in so I am not arguing we were meant to be only herbivores – it is clear we are not. However, if we can survive off of only the hides of animals and  no vegetable fiber, the same can be true for living on a plant-based diet; we are built to survive off of what is available to us. The human body can live and thrive on plant-based foods without animal protein, too. We are built to adapt to dire situations and from the looks of our current predicament, if we don’t adapt to a new way of life soon, things will be worse than dire. It will be downright apocalyptic.

wpid-img_20151006_144752.jpgSo, I will continue my journey as an everyday vegan while consuming Quest bars or a slice of cheesecake on Christmas if I feel the need to. For anyone scared of becoming a vegan or cutting back on their animal protein consumption, here me: I think to be a vegan means to define the rules for yourself. You don’t need to fall into someone else’s dogma to make small changes every day. One thing I have noticed about the vegan lifestyle I dislike is the cult-like mentality behind it. Don’t misunderstand me, I feel their point of view and it is a passionate one, but I think it is wrong to put down people for not being 100% plant based or for consuming soy, etc. I didn’t become a vegan overnight and it is difficult to change your habits and traditions. I cut out red meat slowly five years ago and eventually did the same for poultry, then seafood, and so on. If we all cut back on our consumption, even one to two servings a day, it would make a huge difference overall on our environment. If someone is trying, that is good enough for me. Baby steps deserve applause, too.

Alright, now that my mini-sermon is done, here are my results:


Breasts: 33 in / 33 in
Ribs: 30 in / 30 in
Waist: 28.75 in / 28.50
Hips: 38 in / 37. 25 in
Booty: 41 in / 41 in
Thigh: 24 in / 24 in

Weight: 149 lbs / 144 lbs

Breakfast: Coffee Protein Shake & 1/2 Cup of Oats, 1/2 TBSP Almond Butter, 1 TBSP of Dairy Free Chocolate Chips

Lunch: Beyond Meat Chicken, 1/2 Sweet Potato, 1 Cup of Green Beans

Dinner: Vegan Chicken Scampi and Zoodles & Avocado Toast with Beyond Meat Chicken

Snack: Protein Bar & Baked Apples

Workout: Cardio – 45 minutes of Dog Walking


3 thoughts on “Vegan Challenge Day #30 – Results & Why I am Staying Vegan

  1. Lauren QS says:

    After being a vegetarian for almost 4 years I have always been wanting to make that switch to Vegan but always made an excuse for it. I started out by doing the 30 day challenge as well and only a week into it I started to feel so much better. This is going to be a permanent change for me too!

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