Arm Workout, Training, & Updates.

jjI have finally emerged from long-standing hibernation, friends! After a tumultuous winter and a really awful start to Spring, I am beginning to fall back into my routine of working out regularly and not eating like a garbage disposal at every meal. A few things that have happened since the last time I updated:

  1. I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu now.
  2. Sky passed away March 16, 2016 and took most of my soul with her.
  3.  I am training for the federal police academy and my interview is in mid-June.
  4. Dave and I rescued a new pup named Kianna!

Needless to say, it has been an insane couple of months; Sky was definitely the worst of it but I promised myself I wouldn’t make this post about her (I will say it has been nearly two months and I still feel a hollow pit in my stomach every moment I am not moving or doing something which is the main reason I workout 7 days a week). But, as I said, this post isn’t about my mental health or my personal state of affairs. It’s about my workouts because my friends have been reaching out to me again and asking for advice! So, I’ve rekindled the blog and will post workouts, recipes, and miscellaneous crap routinely.

Here is last night’s arm workout:

Pre-Workout: Jiu-Jistu from 6-8:30 p.m. I help with the kid’s class for the first hour and then actually roll/grapple/learn new techniques from 7-8:30. Grappling is for H.I.I.T cardio.

ARMS – Bi’s & Tri’s

Warm Up: 100 Push Ups with good form. I like to vary my push ups and aim for ten good reps before taking a ten second break if I need it.

(S.S.) = Superset (D.S.) = Dropset

(S.S.) Barbell Curls & Flat Skullcrushers (30lbs, 40lbs,) 4 x 10-25

*For my initial set I like to use a lighter weight with higher reps and gradually go up in weight.

(S.S.) Overhead Tricep Press with Dumbbell (35lbs) & Alternating Bicep Curls (20lbs) 3×12

(D.S.) & (S.S.) Hammer Curl Drop Sets (25lbs, 20lbs) & Overhead Tricep Press with Dumbbell (35lbs) 3×12-15

*A drop set is when you start with a heavier weight (for me it was 25lbs dumbbells) and do as many as you can, then drop to a lighter weight (20lbs).

(D.S.) Tricep Cable Pushdown (40lbs, 30lbs, 20lbs)


Cardio Workout: Intervals

Tonight, I attempted to run a 5k but I was way too sore from my leg day yesterday so I opted for an intense interval session rather than flat out running. It was only 25 minutes but it had me sweating all over the place by the time I was done!

3 minutes – Jog at 5.5 mph/0% incline

1 minute – Walk at 3 mph/0% incline

1 minute – Walk at 3 mph/ 25% incline (this is the highest hill setting and feels like you’re climbing Mount Everest)

1 minute – Walk at 3 mph/ 20% incline

1 minute – Walk at 3mph/ 15% incline

1 minute – Fast-Walk at 4mph/ 10% incline

1 minute – Jog at 5mph/ 5% incline

1 minute – Jog at 5.5 mph/ 0% incline

1 minute – Walk at 3mph/0% incline


2-3 minutes Cool Down at 3mph/0%



-Sam xoxo








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