Today’s Workout: Back, Glutes, Cardio.1558415_10154161311049180_7365344010389370835_n

(Well, there was sort of some cardio, but not really cardio, and kind of some glutes, but not really, though). By the time I finished up this workout I was ready to go home and sleep (mostly because I haven’t been sleeping). Sadly for me, sleep has been evading me this week because my little pup, Elon (photo on the left is of the little gremlin), likes to sleep on my head when he is hot because of my cooling gel pillow (which isn’t even mine, it’s technically David’s, haha). Needless to say, I am going to have to buy him his own if  it continues or start seeing the chiropractor daily to reset my neck. Anyway, without further ado, here is my back, kind of a glute, and cardio workout from Wednesday.

(I promise I will never use so many parentheses again).

Warm Up: Lat Pulldowns & Pushups (50lbs)  4 x 10-12

(S.S.) Lat Pulldowns (Regular Grips) (70-100lbs) & Pushups 3 x 12

Cable Midback Row (85lbs-100lbs) 3×10-15

Barbell Row (60lbs) 3×10

Deadlifts (65lbs-135lbs) 5x 6-15

Stiffleg Deadlifts (95lbs) 3×10

*Hyperextensions (25lb plate) 3×10-20

*Slow & Controlled

Single-Arm Rows (25lbs) 2×15

(S.S.) *Cable Glute Kickbacks (12.5lbs-17.5lbs) 3×15

*First Set – Donkey Kicks. Second Set – Straight Leg Lift. Third Set – Rainbow Kick Lifts.

Kettlbell Sumo Squat with Midway Pulse (45lbs) 2 x 15



Intervals – 15 minutes




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