Cardio/HIIT Routines

cardioCardio is one of those things you either hate of love. Personally, I am a big fan of cardio when it involves HIIT because LISS makes me bored and sleepy. I love varying up my routine and splitting up my cardio on different machines or outside. If it is one of those days where I really don’t have much energy in me, I’ll split my time in ten minute slots on different machines (stepmill, arc trainer, elliptical, etc). As far as hit goes, I usually do it on either the treadmill or the stepmill. Sometimes I’ll run stairs or go outside and do hill sprints if the weather permits it. Either way, cardio will be as fun as you allow it to be – that, or you can be like my Dos Equis friend and have a good romp around the bedroom. 😛 Here are a few of my favorite HIIT workouts and LISS workouts to get you started.

Treadmill – Total: 25 min

5 minutes – Level 15 Uphill, Speed 2.5 mph

2 minutes –  Level 10, Speed 3.2 mph

2 minutes – Level 5, Speed 3.5 mph

1 minute – Level 1, Speed 5.5 mph

5 minutes – Sprint Intervals (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest)

1 minute – Level 1, Speed 3.2 mph

4 minutes – Level 15, Speed 2.5 mph

5 minutes – Level 3, Speed 3.0 mph


1,000 Rep Workout


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