Legs For Days

I am one of those rare people that love leg day. For me, there is no better feeling than leg daykicking ass and destroying myself in the gym. Legs are my strongest body part so I can load the bars up with 45s and bang it out with ease. It makes me feel really confident and spicy when I am strong and on point. It is really important to make sure you hydrate on leg day and drinks some BCAAs while lifting to keep your energy up. After your workout, cool off with some light cardio and do some sun salutations to loosen up!


Warm Up – Walk/Jog 5 min

Superset –Barbell Squats & Air Squats – 4 x 12

Walking Lunges – 6 x 20

Split Squats on Smith Machine (or Dumbbells) – 4 x 10

Superset- Leg Press & Calves Press- 4 x 10

Superset – Leg Extensions & Ham Curls – 3 x 10

Barbell Calves Circuit – 3 x 25 (pigeon toed, plie, straight)

Other Workouts:

The Slaughterhouse Leg Workout (Advanced)


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