Vegan Challenge Day #26

My favorite day of the week is either back day or leg day. I love having a strong back! posePersonally, I have never had good posture and I have always had terrible back pain. Back day has helped me build muscle and improve my overall posture to the point my back doesn’t hurt me nearly as much anymore. To be honest, I had to wear back braces for a long time (I still do occasionally) and it was always embarrassing when people would see me with it on. I am glad I am taking steps to improve my posture for the long term by getting strong and taking care of myself – that way I won’t have to wear a brace when I am in my 70’s, too.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of Oats, 1 tbsp Dairy Free Chocolate Chips, 1/2 tbsp Almond Butter

Lunch: Ezekial Avocado Toast, Tomatos, Beyond Meat Sliders, & Protein Bar

Dinner: Gardein Ultimate Beefless Ground, Zucchini, Green Beans, 1/2 cup of Brown Rice

Snacks: Whole Food Sriracha Tortilla Chips & Guac

Workout: BACK DAY

Superset- Wide Lat Pulldowns & Straight Arm Pulldowns – 4 x 12

Superset – Deadlifts & Barbell Rows – 5 x 10

Superset – Shrugs & Single Arm Rows 3 x 10

Superset – Cable Rows & Hyperextensions – 3 x 10


Vegan Challenge Day #25

cupcakeHey guys! I didn’t have my phone on me today so I couldn’t track my macros down exactly, but I will give you a rough estmate based off of everything I ate today! There was a going away party at work and I *sigh* had a cupcake but whatever. Cupcakes happen, right? And has anyone else read that ridiculous #ZolaStory on Twitter? I can’t even. I am white-girling so hard over it, hahaha.

Breakfast: Vegan Coffee Shake, 1/2 cup of Oatmeal

Lunch: Vegan Thai Chicken and Zoodles

Dinner: Ezekial Toast, Avocado, Tomato, Beyond Meat Chicken

Snack: Cupcake – 😛

Workout: I usually just walk the stairs for 5-10 minutes at work to keep my metabolism going through the day  🙂

The Slaughterhouse Leg Workout

BootyIn case you missed every single post I have ever written or are new here, let me say this: leg day is my favorite. Seriously, there is nothing more accomplishing than lifting some heavy ass weight and being strong af in the gym. I constantly try to challenge myself and create more effective workouts. Last night, I did this leg/glute workout and holy hell, it was intense – hence it’s name, “The Slaughterhouse.” If you are really looking to up your leg & glute day give this workout a shot. You’ll be all types of Jell-O by the end of it. (I am also listing the weight I used here so you can have an idea on how much of a challenge it should be for you). As I have said before, I am not a personal trainer or certified nutritionist. I am just a girl sharing my journey in the hope of inspiring others!

The Slaughterhouse Leg Day

Barbell Squats – 7x 10-15 (Warm Up – Bar, increasing weight each set until 135lbs is reached).
Superset – Weighted Step Ups (20lbs) & Heavy Kettle bell Sumo Squats (100lbs) – 3 x 15 and 3 x Failure
Superset – Cable Kickbacks (12.5lbs) & Cable Lateral Kicks (7.5lbs) – 3 x 12
Superset – Kettlbell Sumo Squats (70lbs) & Glute Rope Pull throughs (50lbs) (3 x 12) & Calf Raises (50lbs) (3 x 25 different positions)
Superset – Weighted Smith Machine Glute Bridges (135lbs) & Jump Squats (bodyweight) 3 x 12
Superset – Adductor Machine (190lbs)  & Curtsy Lunges (bodyweight) 3 x 20
Hyperextensions (25lbs) – 2 x 20
Step Mill Intervals – 10 min

This workout took me about 90-120 minutes to complete and let me tell you, I was covered in sweat the entire time. Enjoy!

Vegan Challenge Day #24

SkyToday, I am sleepy as hell and I am not in the mood to write a cute/factual intro so I am just going to post some random photos instead. Here is an old photo of my pup Sky with David’s treadmill. She was quite unhappy with me for waking her to do early morning cardio. She’s a couch potato and any if you disturb her sleep, she will be looking for answers as to why you would do such a horrible thing. wpid-img_20150216_120744.jpg



Protein: 169g

Carbs: 160g

Fat: 46g

Calories: 1748

Breakfast: 1/2 Cup of Oats, 1 tbsp Almond Butter, 1/2 TBSP Dairy Free Chocolate Chips, Vegan Protein Shake

Lunch: Beyond Meat Grilled “Chicken” 1 1/2 Cup of Broccoli & Califlower

Dinner: Vegan Thai Chicken & Zoodles & Avocado Toast with Beyond Meat Chicken (I was hungry af)

Snack: Protein Bar

Workout: I couldn’t make it to the gym today (sigh) because i have been feeling a bit under the weather. Sometimes, it is best to stop yourself from getting rundown and taking a day off than forcing yourself to go and getting sicker. Be smart with your body, guys!

Vegan Challenge Day #23

pizza So, I am super stoked right now because I am going to be re-premiering my YouTube channel and I will be *drum rolls* cooking for you guys! Last year,  I was in this awful hole in the wall apartment that I could barely fit in (let alone film in) so it is exciting to have a lovely kitchen to work in. For my first recipe, I am going to be adapting a homemade Italian pizza recipe and turning it vegan (or bastardizing it, as my friends like to say about my vegan concoctions haha) so definitely stay tuned for that.

Breakfast: Vegan Protein Shake with Bananas & Avocado Toast with Beyond Meat Grilled “Chicken”

Lunch: Meatless Meatballs, 1/2 cup of Edamame, 1/2 cup of Brown RIce

Dinner: Vegan Thai Chicken & Zoodles

Snacks: 4 Vegan Macaroons & Protein Bar

Workout: Walked the pups for 45 minutes – LISS Cardio, yo.

Vegan Thai Chicken & Zoodles

vegan zoodlI, like most intelligent people, love Thai food. Peanut sauce is delicious and adds so much bang to a dish. My first experience with it was at a restaurant in D.C. five or six years ago before I lived down here (back in my Bostonian days). Well, the peanut sauce left quite the impression on me, and I have since made a hundred different fake versions of it. This is a really easy version of peanut sauce noodles for all of my vegan friends out there ❤

Calories: 253 per serving


For “Noodles”:

1 Large Zucchini

1 Large Summer Squash

1 Bag of Shiritake Noodles

Olive Oil


1/2 Onion

A mix of cabbage, kales, sprouts, and brussel sprouts – or really any veggies your prefer.

1 Package of Beyond Meat Chicken

For Sauce:

1 TBSP Crunchy Peanut Butter

1 TBSP Soy Sauce

1 TBSP Coconut Aminos

1 TSP of Coconut Vinegar

Heat a pan on medium and add the olive oil, garlic, and onions. Let is simmer for three to five minutes and then add your random vegetables of choice. Meanwhile, spiralize your zucchini, squash, and rinse your noodles. Once finished, add them to the pan and lower the heat. After three minutes add in your “chicken.” While this cooks, mix your sauce. Add all of the ingredients into a bowl and fold it into the peanut butter. As it mixes, add in a couple tablespoons of water to lighten the concoction into a sauce. Taste it – add more peanut butter or soy sauce as necessary. Plate your zoodles and add the sauce – garnish with Sriracha ❤

Vegan Challenge Day #22

Sky and ElonSo, can we talk about how cute my dogs are for a second? ❤ They are seriously my favorite way to get cardio which is why I never do it at the gym. I love running with them around the house, playing fetch, chasing them, and walking them along the hilly hiking trails next to my house (I know, I am spoiled and live in this ideal little forest neighborhood). On average, a person weighing around 150lbs can burn 205 calories an hour just by casually walking the dog. Pretty neat and fun, right? Plus, your pooch will thank you for the extra quality time ❤


Protein: 160g

Carbs: 166g

Fat: 77g

Calories: 1902

Breakfast: Matcha Avocado Smoothie Ezekial Toast with 1/2 Avocado, Beyond Meat Grilled Strips, 2 Tomato Slices

Lunch: Beyond Meat Grilled Strips, 1/2 cup of Brown Rice, 1/2 cup of Edamame

Dinner: Thai Chicken and Zoodles

Snack: Ezekial Toast, Avocado, Tomato, and BM Chicken combo again & 3 Vegan Macaroons because I am a fatty.


Superset – Arnold Press, Alternating Curls, Overhead Dumbbell Press 3 x 10

Superset – Lateral Raises, Hammer Curls, Overhead Dumbbell Press 3 x 10

Superset – Upright Barbell Rows, Barbell Curls, Skullcrushers 3 x 10

Superset – Cable Hammer Curls, Rope Tricep Pulldowns, Lateral Raises 3 x 10

Superset – Straight Bar Cable Curls, Straight Bar Tricep Pushdowns, Front Raises 3 x10