Vegan Day 17

crisp appleTonight, I got drunk – like super drunk. My girl was supposed to come over and hang out with me so I bought a six pack of Angry Orchards for us. Well, she came by and life happened so she could only stay for about thirty minutes. Needless to say, I was home alone that night and I decided one or two wouldn’t hurt me, which turn into three or four and half a bottle of wine (when I am drunk, things escalate very quickly). My carbs were a little out of control because of the alcohol, but I decided it wasn’t a huge deal as long as I went extra hard at the gym the next day. I haven’t had  a drink since June when I went to Philly with a few friends and after the past few months, I felt I deserved a drunk night talking to my friends on the phone and on Skype. You feel me? Cool. #vegandrunk


I was drunk, therefore I stopped caring about my macro calculations. I was on the phone with my friend T.J. and I said, “So, I have had about 1600 calories now because of this beer… my limit is 1530 today, hmmm. Yeah, I probably won’t eat because I need to stay in my goal.” His response, “You’re fucking stupid.”beyond meat

He was right. So, I ate some Beyond Meat Chicken, Green Beans, and Red Pepper Hummus before bed along with a thousand gallons of water. I am the champion of avoiding hangovers.

Breakfast: Vegan Coffee Shake, 1/2 Cup of Oats

Lunch: 4 oz of Baked Tofu, Green Beans, 1/2 Cup of Jasmine Rice

Dinner: Alcohol – Bahahaha

Before Bed: 5oz of Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken Strips, 1/2 Cup of Green Beans, 1 TBSP Red Pepper Hummus

Workout: Rest Day


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