Vegan Day 5

This weekend’s theme: melatonin and recovering from sleep deprivation. I am not one of those people who stares at the ceiling at night pondering our existence in this vast, unwelcoming universe – I knock the fuck out. That was the case for as long as I lived alone.melatoninSadly, I fell in love (Oh, woe is me) and now have a home with my boyfriend and two high maintenance dogs. Usually, my sleeping pattern is thrown off because of Dave being a night owl and my pup’s needing to pee every other second. On the rare occasion I can have a full, undisturbed eight hours, I make sure I take a melatonin pill before bed, so I hit REM and have a deeper, more reparative sleep. Sleep is crucial for muscle recovery and overall “gains.” You build and repair while you sleep so make sure you get those Zzzz’s when you can!


Protein: 127g

Carbs: 174g

Fat: 63g

Calories: 1762

Breakfast: Tofurky Italian Sausage, Grilled Veggies, and Coconut Aminos (I was out of oats – sigh)

Lunch: Amy’s Indian Wrap – a mini cheat meal for post-work out

Dinner: Tofurky Andouille Sausage, Green Bean Sautee, Grilled Red Peppers

Snack: Peanut Butter Protein Shake


Farmer Deadlifts – 5 x 15 (These are different from regular deadlifts and are more anatomically correct. They are my favorite for when I lift heavier because I have an obnoxious back issue. It requires a trap-bar instead of a regular bar.)

Drop Sets – Wide Lat Pull Downs – 4 x 12

Drop Sets – Close Grip Lat Pull Downs – 4 x 12

Drop Sets – Cable Rows 3 x 10

Machine Rows – 3 x 10

Superset – Single Arm Rows & Shrugs – 3 x 10

Pulldowns – 4 x 12

Assisted Pull Ups – 3 x 6 – I am dying at this point

Pullovers on Yoga Ball – 1 x 20


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